COURSE I: Fostering Ideas & Recognizing Opportunities

COURSE I: Fostering Ideas & Recognizing Opportunities 2018-06-12T00:51:20+00:00

This course targets primarily newcomers i.e. individuals experimenting with entrepreneurial activities for the first time. It aims to foster entrepreneurial ideas coming from different fields and also supports individuals who have little or no experiences of entrepreneurship/management before, in sharing, spreading and eventually also commercializing their ideas. However, the materials are also suitable for HEI lecturers that have already gained substantial experience in teaching entrepreneurship education courses.

The delivery of the course through an ‘Idea Competition’ has many advantages eg a university-wide outreach (everybody can submit ideas from various fields). The tools ‘Creativity I & II’ are suggested to be included into the idea competition as preparation for the students, where they learn how to write down and present ideas using different methods as diaries or digital brainstorming tools. An interactive tool which is especially useful for beginners and fosters experimenting and exploring with innovative approaches, as well as collaboration is the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’. It can serve as preparation, but also as nice distraction during the idea competition itself (e.g. before awarding ceremony). Furthermore, theoretical inputs are provided with the tools ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Decisions to Make’, making students familiar with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The outcome of the course, which simultaneously may serve as a fair base for an assessment, is the tool ‘Final Project – Business Plan’ where students must work out a business plan, presenting their ideas in a formal and reasonable manner.

Students benefit, as they can improve their creativity and learn how to spot opportunities on the market. They are supported in formulating and valuing ideas and encouraged to turn and translate these ideas into visions (competence-category: ideas & opportunities). Moreover, a focus lies on student motivation by fostering their self-efficacy and awareness (competence-category: resources), they learn how to take the initiative, how to work in a team and profit thereby from the experience of peers and others as e.g. external actors involved (competence-category: into action). After the course students will be thus able to present their ideas on a formal basis in front of investors, funders, organizations etc., using a well thought out business plan. This step will bring entrepreneurial thinkers closer towards the goals of commercializing their own innovative ideas.

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Fostering Ideas & Recognizing Opportunities

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