COURSE II: Improving Entrepreneurial Skills

COURSE II: Improving Entrepreneurial Skills 2018-06-12T00:52:54+00:00

This course targets entrepreneurs and start-ups in their early stage. The course aims at improving the knowledge about entrepreneurship and supports individuals in becoming successful entrepreneurs. The course covers topics such as creativity (competence-category: ideas & opportunities), motivation, mobilizing resources, financial and economic literacy (competence-category: resources), as well as planning and management, coping with uncertainty, and working with others (competence-category: into action).

In this regard, gaining theoretical knowledge in different business areas is emphasised (market analysis, financing, planning, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.). Furthermore, the use of role-plays or simulations is helpful to create a lasting learning effect. In this course, we propose the ‘Failure & Grief’ topic to be transferred through role-plays. Of course, other topics are suitable to be transferred in the same manner. Finally, the ‘Paper Plane Competition’ tool is proposed to foster interpersonal skill development, and prototyping; two essential competences in entrepreneurship. The aim of the course is supporting students in the development of a ‘Business Model Canvas’, which serves at the same time as evaluation basis.

After the completion of this course, students will have a sound and profound knowledge in the ambit of entrepreneurship, and have acquired a bundle of crucial entrepreneurial skills and competences necessary for pursuing a successful future. Hence, students can not only recognize an important market need, but also know how to satisfy this need. They are able to clearly draw out their USP, and know how to commercialize their ideas and how to capture value out of it. They have a clear business model in mind and know important key data such as target customer, core competences and partners, cost structure and revenue streams. Hence, students are supported in creating a whole business around their initial ideas.

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Improving Entrepreneurial Skills

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