COURSE III: Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship

COURSE III: Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship 2018-06-12T00:56:08+00:00

This course deals with the topic of social entrepreneurship which is a sub-discipline within the field of entrepreneurship. This kind of entrepreneurship highlights the social value and the social purpose of entrepreneurial activities and includes different services as e.g. food and water provision, education, medical services etc. for people in need.

Target group of this course are primarily individuals with ideas that foster a social purpose, independently of their background or knowledge base. Furthermore, it is also open for individuals interested in the topic of social entrepreneurship in general, and for business students who like to deepen their understandings within the broad area of entrepreneurship. The aim is to encourage students coming from different backgrounds to foster social purposes with entrepreneurial activities.

As this course especially aims to support entrepreneurial activities connected to a social purpose, it seeks first of all to transmit proper knowledge in the ambit of social entrepreneurship. Proper knowledge refers to a broad and in-depth knowledge about the field. Having a general knowledge in ‘Social Entrepreneurship’, as well as recognizing the ‘National System of Entrepreneurship’ and the dealing with ‘Trends and Dilemmas’ is especially valuable, and thus those modules are seen as pillars in the course contents.

In terms of delivery, again an ‘Idea Competition’ might be useful in order to encourage and reward explicitly ideas with a social purpose. The idea competition may be part of the course or used as delivery framework for the whole course. The collaboration game should support collaboration and demonstrates how helping each other and working together (with competitors) might actually lead to a better overall outcome, especially relevant in the context of social entrepreneurship activities. The goal of the course is the development of a ‘Business Model Canvas in Social Entrepreneurship’ which also builds the evaluation basis for grading.

After the completion of this course students will benefits from a sound and profound knowledge in the ambit of social entrepreneurship. Students will know the difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and related models, strategies and processes. Finally, students are also encouraged to develop their own business models which can satisfy an urgent need in our society.

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Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship

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