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All of the Outputs produced by the are listed below. They can be downloaded individually or scroll to the bottom to download all Outputs as a ZIP file.

You can also Get Involved with the EEE project. We are keen to hear your experiences and to disseminate any complementary resources promoting Entrepreneurship Education in HEIs. Please upload any reports or open education resources via to The EEE team will review these and if considered suitable we will make them available to download from our download page.

EEE Roadmap

The Embedding Entrepreneurship Education Roadmap is a set of resources to help regions establish an “Entrepreneurship Education Alliance”. Three Alliances have been established to date, this toolkit records their experiences, the techniques and processes used, and the lessons learnt.

EEE Promotion Campaign

The EEE Promotion Campaign Strategy promotes the benefits of entrepreneurship education among all University faculties. It comprises conceptual guidance, promotional tools, and materials for stimulating entrepreneurial thinking at your university. It is simple to use and based on experiences of the EEE partnership.

EEE Teaching Toolkit

The EEE Teaching Toolkit consists of 23 modules and has been selected as a good practice example of “EntreComp” framework in action. The Modules can be combined in different ways to create new and extend existing academic courses.

EEE COURSE I: Fostering Ideas & Recognizing Opportunities

The EEE Fostering Ideas & Recognizing Opportunities course targets primarily newcomers i.e. individuals experimenting with entrepreneurial activities for the first time. It aims to foster entrepreneurial ideas coming from different fields and also supports individuals who have little or no experiences of entrepreneurship/management before, in sharing, spreading and eventually also commercializing their ideas.

EEE COURSE II: Improving Entrepreneurial Skills

The EEE Improving Entrepreneurial Skills course targets entrepreneurs and start-ups in their early stage. The course aims at improving the knowledge about entrepreneurship and supports individuals in becoming successful entrepreneurs. The course covers topics such as creativity, motivation, mobilizing resources, financial and economic literacy, as well as planning and management, coping with uncertainty, and working with others

EEE COURSE III: Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship

The EEE Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship course deals with the topic of social entrepreneurship which is a sub-discipline within the field of entrepreneurship. Target group of this course are primarily individuals with ideas that foster a social purpose, it is also open for individuals interested in the topic of social entrepreneurship in general, and for business students who like to deepen their understandings within the broad area of entrepreneurship.