Embedding Entrepreneurship Education Roadmap

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The Embedding Entrepreneurship Education Roadmap is a set of resources to help regions establish an “Entrepreneurship Education Alliance ”. You can learn more about this innovative approach here. Three Alliances have been established to date, this toolkit records their experiences, the techniques and processes used, and the lessons learnt.

You can request a copy of the Action Plan produced by each of the three Alliances in Germany, Austria and Hungary by emailing us at info@eee-platform.eu. Please specify which Action Plan you would like.

Why is it important for a higher educational institution?

The main tasks of universities today – in addition to education and research – involve social value creation and taking on a role for regional (economic) development. Instead of simple knowledge creation and ex-cathedra knowledge transfer, training employees able to succeed in practical life is increasingly more difficult.

Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial lifestyle can be learned through interactions with real entrepreneurs (several research studies have proved that it is primarily the parents’ entrepreneurship that has a positive effect on the young’s entrepreneurship intentions). In the light of this, if we intend to strengthen the idea of entrepreneurship in higher education, it is inevitable to go outside the walls of institutions and involve real entrepreneurs in our endeavours. Although this approach requires thinking outside the box, it still has significant benefits that make it justified for each actor to establish cross-sector relationships.

It has become the aim and responsibility of universities to provide practice-oriented education, as well as training that strengthens the competitiveness of the region. These objectives attribute a key role for entrepreneurship education – not only in the case of business programs, but in each faculty. However, it necessitates extensive and active networking of entrepreneurial contacts, as well as the effective cooperation of this network for that purpose.

This publication aims to provide help in this task by giving a detailed description how a higher educational institution can explore, attract, and involve those partners who may contribute to the education of entrepreneurship.

Download the Embedding Entrepreneurship Education Roadmap

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